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Step into the world of Lottie NYC, a distinguished luxury jewelry brand born amidst the challenges of 2020, founded by visionary artist and designer, Charlotte Elizabeth Alden. With a background rooted in Fine Art and the dynamic Art Market, Charlotte infuses lottie NYC with her wealth of experience and unique perspective.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating essence of New England Summers, the golden hour's enchanting glow, the briny embrace of ocean air, and the hues reminiscent of cotton candy skies, lottie NYC encapsulates that quintessential summertime moment.

At the heart of Charlotte's magnificent creations lies a diverse array of high-quality, natural freshwater pearls. Meticulously sourced and handpicked from around the globe, each pearl holds a story of its own. Every meticulously crafted piece is lovingly handmade by our dedicated team at our intimate studio in the vibrant Lower East Side of New York City. Guided by an unwavering devotion to the craft, lottie NYC naturally gravitates towards the uncultivated beauty and innate allure of natural freshwater pearls.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, functionality, sustainability, inclusivity, and impeccable taste, lottie NYC strives to achieve new heights through the harmonious interplay of pearls and visionary design. Each creation is an embodiment of our brand's core values, reflecting the pinnacle of quality and artistry.

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